Dinas Perkebunan Kabupaten Kutai Kartanegara Memperingati Hari Perkebunan ke-61 Tahun 2018


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I can t tell you that either, said his mother, and I don t know that I shall tell you until the very last, if you ask in that voice.
Budd screwed his mouth into a smile, and, unbeknown to the rest of the family, reached under the cloth for his mother s hand.
He sat next to her, and that had been his way of saying Forgive me, ever since he was a tiny boy.
He had a squeeze in return and felt happier.
I say, let s guess, said Cherry I don t do something, I shall burst You express my feelings perfectly, Cherry, said March, gravely, and the guessing began.
Bernard puppy said Budd, who coveted one Shetland pony, said Cherry.
The Doctor s coming up here, himself was Rose s guess T ain t likely, growled Budd tunning baby, chirped May.
March failed to think of any live thing the Doctor was likely to send unless it might be a Wyandotte blood rooster, such as he and the Doctor had talked about last summer.
You re all cold, cold as ice, laughed their mother, using the words of the game she had so often played with them when they were younger.
Oh, mother they protested were almost indignant rose and left the table.
Beats me, he muttered, as he took down his from a beam in the woodshed.
What in thunder can it be I to ask questions, but I ll ferret it out, by George man up pill review ton and that was Chi s most solemn oath.
III A CURIOUS CASE What is it, dear Bothered bothered.
A case Yes, and I must get it off my mind this evening.
The Doctor set down his after dinner coffee untasted on the library table, and rose with a half sigh from his easy chair before the blazing wood fire.
His heavy eyebrows were drawn together into a straight line over the bridge of his nose, and that, his wife knew full well, was an ominous sign.
Must you go to night It s such a fearful storm just hear it Yes, I must just to get it off my mind.
I sha n t be gone long, and I ll tell you all about it when I get home.
The Doctor stooped and kissed the detaining hand that his wife had laid lovingly on his arm then, turning to the telephone, he bespoke a cab.
As the vehicle made its way up Fifth Avenue in the teeth of a February, northeast gale that drove the sleet rattling against the windows, Doctor Heath settled back farther into his corner, growling to himself, I wish some people would let me manage their affairs for them it would show their common sense to let me show them some of mine.
A few blocks north of the park entrance, the cab turned east into a side street, and stopped at Number.
Clyde in, Wilkins asked the Doctor of the colored butler, who opened the door Yes, man up pill review jes up from dinner, man up pill review, to see Miss Hazel.

Penyerahan Piagam Penghargaan oleh Kepala Dinas Perkebunan Kutai Kartanegara

Tenggarong, Upacara peringatan Hari Perkebunan yang ke 61 dengan Tema ”Sinergi dan Akselerasi Kejayaan Perkebunan“ telah dilaksanakan pada tanggal 10 Desember 2018 di halaman Kantor Dinas Perkebunan Kabupaten Kutai Kartanegara.

Upacara dipimpin oleh Kepala Dinas Perkebunan Bapak Akhmad Taufik Hidayat, SIP, MM selaku Inspektur Upacara.

Upacara diawali dengan pembacaan teks Pancasila oleh inspektur upacara dan diikuti oleh seluruh peserta upacara, dilanjutkan dengan pembacaan sejarah singkat ditetapkannya 10 Desember sebagai hari perkebunan. Pada sesi ini dijelaskan bahwa pilihan tanggal 10 Desember 1957 sebagai Hari Perkebunan yang disepakati untuk diperingati dan dikenang menurut Dirjenbun punya sejumlah pertimbangan.  Salah satu diantaranya adalah berlangsungnya peristiwa bersejarah yaitu pengambil alihan seluruh Perkebunan ex Belanda menjadi Perkebunan Nasional yang lebih di kenal Nasionalisasi Perkebunan.

Proses perjalanan pembangunan perkebunan sampai mampu mencapai pengembangan perkebunan seperti yang ada sampai saat ini,  memberi gambaran bahwa peristiwa ambil alih perusahaan perkebunan Belanda pada tanggal 10 Desember 1957 mempunyai nilai strategis dengan perkembangan usaha perkebunan rakyat serta perkebunan besar swasta. Penetapan ini pertama kali dilakukan pada tanggal 09 Desember 2008. Dengan demikian maka dapat dipahami dan diterima peristiwa tanggal 10 Desember sebagai harinya seluruh masyarakat perkebunan untuk dikenang dan diperingati setiap tahun.

Dalam rangka memeriahkan Hari Perkebunan ini, juga dilaksanakan berbagai lomba seperti: lomba memasukan paku dalam botol, lomba memasang sarung, lomba pasang dasi, dan lomba ekspresi dan kreatif seni.

Upacara dilanjutkan dengan pemberian piagam penghargaan kepada Perusahaan Besar Swasta (PBS), Koperasi, Kelompok Tani Peduli Api (KTPA), Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Indonesia (APKASINDO), Karyawan yang memasuki masa purna tugas, Ka. UPT dan Petugas Teknis terbaik dalam pembinaan petani serta masyarakat  yang ikut berperan serta dalam membangun perkebunan di Kabupaten Kutai Kartanegara. Setelah pemberian piagam penghargaan kemudian dilanjutkan dengan pembagian hadiah kepada pemenang lomba. (Ny)

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