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Disbun Hadiri Focus Group Discussion Strategi Pengembangan Kawasan Penyangga Pangan Ibu Kota Negara di Kalimantan Timur
02 September 2019 Admin Website Berita 454
Disbun Hadiri Focus Group Discussion Strategi Pengembangan Kawasan Penyangga Pangan Ibu Kota Negara di Kalimantan Timur[caption id="attachment_8447" align="alignleft" width="315"] FGD Kawasan Penyangga dengan Narasumber Bapak Gubernur Kaltim, dan Menteri Pertanian[/caption] Balikpapan, Dinas Perkebunan Kabupaten Kutai Kartanegara hadiri Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Kawasan Penyangga Pangan Ibu Kota Negara di Kalimantan Timur 30 -31 Agustus 2019. FGD ini dilaksanakan oleh Kementrian Pertanian di Hotel Grand Senyiur Balikpapan. Dengan mengundang  perwakilan dari 100 Kepala Dinas Lingkup pertanian yang ada diseluruh Kalimantan. Bertindak sebagai narasumber yakni Gubernur Propinsi Kalimantan Timur yaitu Bapak Isran Noor, serta Bapak Menteri Pertanian Bapak Amran Sulaiman. Dalam sambutannya, Isran Noor mengucakan selamat datang kepada para peserta FGD, serta menyampaikan bahwa beliau merasa bangga karena Kalimantan Timur khususnya Kabupaten Kutai Kartanegara dan Penajam Paser Utara dipilih menjadi propinsi untuk menjadi ibu kota negara yang baru. Selain itu, Isran juga  bahagia dengan adanya terkait dengan adanya pembahasan strategi kedaulatan pangan dan energi, karena strategi ini akan berperan vital terhadap ibu kota negara yang baru nantinya. [caption id="attachment_8448" align="alignright" width="200"] Sambutan Bapak Amran Sulaiman[/caption] Narasumber lainya, Menteri Pertanian yaitu Bapak Amran Sulaiman menyampaikan bahwa ada 12 Kabupaten yang akan dipersiapakan menjadi kawasan penyangga yaitu Berau, Bulungan, Nunukan, Malinau, Tanah Bumbu, Tanah Laut, Kapuas Hulu, Ketapang, Kota Waringin Timur, Kota Waringin Barat, Paser, dan Kutai Barat. Kedua belas Kabupaten tersebut akan menjadi sentra untuk pengembangan tanaman pangan seperti padi, jagung, beras merah, cabai, dan tebu untuk pemenuhan kebutuhan 50 juta orang yang diperkirakan akan menjadi penduduk di Kalimantan. Pengembangan tanaman tersebut diterapkan ke dalam zonasi yang sesuai dengan kondisi geografis masing - masing disetiap kabupaten. Amran menambahkan,  Peran sektor perkebunan dalam pembangunan kawasan penyangga ini dalam bentuk integrasi antara sawit dan jagung. Integrasi sawit dan jagung ini akan dilaksanakan dengan target luasan sebanyak 100.000 hektar di tanaman belum menghasilkan (TBM) dengan umur tanaman 0 - 4 tahun. Sedangkan untuk tanaman yang sudah menghasilkan (TM) integrasi akan dilakukan dengan sapi. Selain integrasi sawit dan jagung, Amran menyampaikan  agar juga fokus terhadap pengembangan kopi dan tebu untuk lahan yang sesuai dengan kondisi geografisnya. Pengembangan tebu ditujukan untuk pemenuhan kebutuhan gula di ibu kota yang baru. Sebagai penutup Amran menargetkan kawasan penyangga pangan ini sudah selesai pada 2024, dan beliau mengharapkan kerja keras dari seluruh stake holder untuk mencapai target tersebut. (Nyoman)  

Ah roared Thenardier hoarsely, a pretty lie You stick to that pleasantry, do you 70-347 exam prep You re floundering, 70-347 exam prep my old buck Ah You don t remember You don t see who I am Excuse me, sir, said Leblanc with a politeness of accent, which at that moment 70-347 exam prep seemed peculiarly strange and powerful, I see that you are 70-486 exam preparation 70-486 exam preparation a villain Who has not remarked 70-486 exam preparation the fact that odious creatures possess a susceptibility of their own, that monsters are ticklish At this word villain, the female 70-347 exam prep Thenardier CRISC exam questions sprang from the bed, Thenardier grasped his chair as though he were about to crush it in his 70-486 exam preparation hands.

He envied that gilded man 70-486 exam preparation what happiness it would be, he said to himself, if he could put on that suit which was an incontestable thing and if Cosette could behold him thus, CRISC exam questions she would be dazzled, 70-486 exam preparation and when he had Cosette on his arm and passed the 70-347 exam prep gates of 70-347 exam prep the Tuileries, the guard would present arms to him, 70-347 exam prep and that would suffice for Cosette, and would dispel 70-347 exam prep her idea of looking at young men.

If thou, my Sone, hast joie had, Whan thou an other sihe unglad, 70-347 exam prep Schrif the therof.

I keptexpecting 70-486 exam preparation that Miss Scatcherd would praise her attention but, 70-347 exam prep insteadof that, she suddenly cried out You dirty, disagreeable girl you have never cleaned your nailsthis morning 70-347 exam prep Burns made no answer I wondered at her silence.

The very bourgeois who still ventured at 70-486 exam preparation this hour of riot to enter the Rue Saint Denis cast a glance at the Rue de la Chanvrerie, caught CRISC exam questions sight of the barricade, and redoubled their 70-486 exam preparation pace.

The bourgeois talked peaceably to the working classes of what was CRISC exam questions in preparation.

Thus was he sauf 70-486 exam preparation with his navie, This wise king, thurgh CRISC exam questions governance.

The porter, on his side, spoke, and said to CRISC exam questions Jean Valjean Monsieur, who is that curious young man who is asking for you On the morrow CRISC exam questions Jean Valjean bestowed on Marius that glance which Marius at 70-347 exam prep last perceived.

The lesson had comprised part of the reign ofCharles I, and there were sundry questions about tonnage andpoundage and ship money, which most of them appeared unable to answer still, every little difficulty was solved 70-347 exam prep instantly when it reachedBurns 70-486 exam preparation her memory seemed to have retained CRISC exam questions the substance of the wholelesson, and she was ready with answers on 70-347 exam prep every point.

We 70-486 exam preparation free them, and I head a CRISC exam questions little army of sixteen thousand 70-486 exam preparation men.

This knyht, which worthi was and wys, This lady preith that he may wite, And have it under Seales write, What CRISC exam questions questioun it scholde be For which he schal in that degree Stonde of his lif in jeupartie.

Poor Amelia you will, then, CRISC exam questions never believe in my affection, said he, mildly.

Love him well CRISC exam questions even after I am dead.

Here and 70-486 exam preparation there might 70-486 exam preparation be seen a CRISC exam questions workman with his axe upon his shoulder, or a tradesman stepping slowly to his comptoir.

So as fortune thanne was, 4830 Of love upon the destine It fell, riht as it scholde be, A freissh, a CRISC exam questions fre, a frendly man That noght of Avarice can, Which Croceus be name hihte, Toward this swete caste his sihte, And ther sche was cam in presence.

He had flung away his 70-347 exam prep hat in the thicket, a few paces distant.

Since the Restoration disputes my right to this title which I purchased with my blood, my son CRISC exam questions shall CRISC exam questions take it and bear it.

As for the young lady, no harm will be done to her the trap will conduct her to a place where she will be quiet, and just as soon as you have handed 70-347 exam prep over to me those little two hundred thousand francs, she will be returned to you.

Or H12-211 vce software perhaps you mean to bite your chains in two as soon as I leave God gave 70-487 certification dumps Samson strength to H12-211 vce software crush with his arms the temple columns, said Trenck, gazing at the blacksmith, who H12-211 vce software was now leaving the room.

Frederick laughed heartily, and appeared not to understand 70-487 certification dumps his sister s double meaning.

People shout to them You are tearing up the pavements of hell 70-487 certification dumps They might reply That is because our barricade is 70-462 questions and answers pdf made of good intentions.

To replace thought with revery is to H12-211 vce software confound a poison H12-211 vce software with a food.

Be wise, and do as I tell you in eight days you will be engaged, and then you will have the kindness to acquaint H12-211 vce software Prince Henry with your happy prospects.

He went 70-462 questions and answers pdf 70-462 questions and answers pdf back to the Rue de l Homme Arme he H12-211 vce software was so deeply absorbed that he mistook the door and instead of entering 70-462 questions and answers pdf his own house, 70-462 questions and answers pdf he entered the adjoining dwelling.

No sooner is he gone than 70-487 certification dumps he is loved.

The young girl went 70-462 questions and answers pdf on, and seemed to 70-462 questions and answers pdf have no consciousness of Marius presence.

It was joy, splendor, riches, happiness, which appeared 70-487 certification dumps in a sort of chimerical halo to that unhappy little being so profoundly engulfed in gloomy and chilly misery.

And if it falle into mi grace, Of god Amos, that I 70-462 questions and answers pdf pourchace To take of 70-487 certification dumps him so gret 70-462 questions and answers pdf worschipe, I wol do thee such ladischipe, Wherof thou schalt for everemo Be riche.

Thus he, whom gold hath overset, Was trapped H12-211 vce software in his oghne net The gold hath mad hise wittes lame, So that sechende his oghne schame 2710 He rouneth in the kinges Ere, And seide 70-462 questions and answers pdf him that he wiste where A gentile and a lusti on Tho was, and thider H12-211 vce software H12-211 vce software wolde 70-487 certification dumps 70-487 certification dumps he gon Bot he mot yive yiftes grete For bot it be H12-211 vce software thurgh grete beyete Of gold, he seith, he schal 70-487 certification dumps noght spede.

Were they intercepted and opened, would you be liable to death 70-487 certification dumps 70-487 certification dumps said she, in a low, trembling voice.

Any one who had chanced to pass through the little town of Vernon at this epoch, and 70-462 questions and answers pdf who had happened to walk across that fine monumental bridge, which will soon H12-211 vce software be succeeded, let us hope, by some hideous iron cable bridge, might have observed, had he dropped his eyes over the parapet, a man about fifty years of age wearing a leather cap, and trousers and a waistcoat of coarse gray cloth, to which something yellow which had been a red ribbon, was sewn, shod with wooden sabots, tanned by the 70-487 certification dumps sun, his face nearly black and his H12-211 vce software hair nearly white, a large scar on his forehead which ran down upon his cheek, H12-211 vce software bowed, bent, H12-211 vce software prematurely 70-487 certification dumps aged, 70-462 questions and answers pdf who walked nearly every 70-487 certification dumps day, hoe and 70-487 certification dumps sickle in hand, in one of those compartments surrounded by 70-462 questions and answers pdf walls 70-462 questions and answers pdf which abut on the bridge, and border the left bank of the Seine like a chain of terraces, charming enclosures full of flowers of which one could say, were they much larger these 70-462 questions and answers pdf are gardens, and were they a little smaller these are bouquets.

There flowed in her veins some of the blood 70-462 questions and answers pdf of the bohemian and the adventuress who runs barefoot.

The perfumes and hair oils he gave to his H12-211 vce software own soldiers.

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